Toro Walk-Behind Mowers

Toro Recycler

Test. Trusted. Tough. Toro.

Choose a Toro walk-behind mower for a truly precise cut.

Toro's walk behind mowers are a premium choice for residential lawn mowing. More than just a mower, Toro models all are standardly equipped to mulch, bag, or side discharge. Each mower has different features to choose from depending on the size of the lawn needing to be mowed and what is all needed to get the job done.

Powerhouse Outdoor Equipment carries a complete line of Toro walk-behind mowers and offers full services, set-up, and warranties. Feel free read a few product comparisons of our top two Toro walk-behind models below, or stop in to pick yours up today!

Lawn Mower Buyer's Guide

What is the difference between a Toro Recyler and a Toro Super Recycler?

Toro Recycler Mowers

Toro recycler mower

- Ideal for smaller yards/trimming around beds
- Available in 20 inch or 22 inch
- Available as a push-mower or self-propelled
- Two-Year Warranty Included
- A great value for a more price-conscious consumer

Toro Super Recycle Mowers

Toro Super Recycler

- Designed to cut like no other in its class
- 21 inch & unrivaled mulch cut
- Higher grade components (Deck, wheels, transmission)
- Five-Year Warranty Included
- A perfect match for a lawn-care enthusiast

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