The SnowDog

Meet the SnowDog:

the Radical Snowmobile Alternative.

Fish, hunt, play, and rescue this winter with a SnowDog. Tailored towards hunters, trappers, and fishermen seeking an affordable, versatile snow machine, SnowDogs are there for all your winter adventures. SnowDogs are your vastly superior alternative to traditional snowmobiles and offer top safety, lightweight design, power, year-round use, affordability, and more.

SnowDogs, the revolutionary new product, is sold exclusively at a select number of dealers in Minnesota, including Powerhouse Outdoor Equipment in St. Cloud & St. Joseph, MN. Contact us with any questions regarding the exciting SnowDog machine.

Lightweight & Affordable

Get on the ice earlier with lightweight design and easy transportation, as you don't have to buy a trailer to transport. A SnowDog doesn't require a license or registration and is roughly 1/3 the price of a snowmobile.

Versatile & Powerful

Enjoy total versatility. SnowDogs easily cut through deep snow, skate over ice, grassy fields, forest trails, and even mud. Haul with total dependability, from hunting and yard work to pulling your kids' sled.

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